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Hermes Birkin Togo

Hermes Birkin Togo

Hermes Birkin Togo

The resource center became a critical piece of the 10 year plan, which was approved by the commission in 2008.

Although a handful of local charities and churches have always helped the homeless with emergency shelter, Hermes Birkin Togo meals and job training, the county has lacked a central place for the homeless to go to easily navigate those services.

By 2005 the county had partnered with CARP, Inc., which stands for Comprehensive Alcoholism Rehabilitation Programs, to help fund a 16 bed Homeless Residential Assessment Center at CARP's campus in West Palm Beach.

Fifty six percent of the students in the county's school system qualify for free or reduced cost lunches.

Hermes Birkin Togo

Hermes Birkin Togo

out to all the providers."

"Without Jeff Koons pushing it, I don't know that it would have gotten this far," Marcus said of the center. "It just became a real priority for him. He reached Blue Balenciaga City

Hermes Birkin Togo

The leading causes of homelessness in the county are unemployment and lack of affordable housing, officials say.

permanent shelters," said Commissioner Karen Marcus, who was first elected to the board in 1984. "It was, 'if you start building them, you are actually going to get more homeless."

"Everything came together," said Marilyn Munoz, Executive Director of the county's Homeless Coalition.

Hermes Birkin Togo

But the next year, Greene said that the shelter should no longer be the task force's top priority, acknowledging that political pressure from other commissioners had persuaded her to change her mind. Many worried about finding a location for the facility and complained that they would simply be "warehousing" the homeless.

Hermes Birkin Togo

´╗┐Palm Beach County homeless center opens today

The tabernacle sued the county in 2007 and 2009, seeking relief from the fines. It argued that county officials had denied the homeless problem existed.

Greene's decision came after the county's director of human services issued a report in 2002 saying that building a shelter for the homeless would be "cost prohibitive." Instead, the director said he wanted more money for social workers to provide counseling for homeless people. He also said he would pay for more room nights and motels and halfway houses for the homeless while the social workers worked to find permanent help.

shelter violated both fire code and zoning laws.

Hermes Birkin Togo

County commissioners first talked about providing an emergency shelter for the homeless in 2001, when former Commissioner Addie Greene formed a task force to help craft the plan.

Meanwhile, an impromptu homeless shelter at Westgate Tabernacle in suburban West Palm Beach was drawing attention to the county's growing homeless problem. The tabernacle drew the ire of county officials for opening its own shelter to house as many as 150 people a night. County officials argued that the Balenciaga Sunday Bag

"I'd tell people whenever you bump into a commissioner, tell them how proud you are that they are working on homelessness," Koons said.

Hermes Birkin Togo

Homeless in Palm Beach County

But advocates kept pushing for a county owned facility.

At the same time, then Commissioner Jeff Koons was urging the commission and county administrators to address the county's homeless problem. Working with nonprofits, he ultimately helped establish a homeless advisory board, responsible for crafting a 10 year plan to end homelessness in the county.

Homeless advocates say the center's opening is the culmination of a perfect set of circumstances a county commissioner advocating the project; a partnership between the county and nonprofits working with the homeless; and $8.5 million in federal grant money.

Koons resigned from the commission in 2010 amid an extortion scandal and was sentenced to five years' probation but has since returned to advocating for the homeless. In an interview Thursday, he recalled urging advocates for the homeless to talk to commissioners about the county's problem.

A 2011 count found there were 3,228 homeless people in Palm Beach County.

In county schools this year, there were 1,590 students between the ages of 5 and 17 who were considered homeless or in danger of becoming homeless.

Hermes Birkin Togo

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Hermes Birkin Togo

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