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Hermes Kelly Constellation

bigupboi says: is populated by the most grotesque, loathsome, vile and vulgar sub human vermin that one could ever have the misfortune to come across. The vast majority Guess Bag Uk Online

Hermes Kelly Constellation

It has pledged to take into account crime statistics when it puts together its top 10 worst places to live next year. However, the latest national crime figures suggest Nottingham is unlikely to fare any better against Leicester next time round.

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However, the site also quotes a poster who describes Leicester as "a dump".

says: "I lived there all my life and I don think I ever been into town, day or night, without seeing someone being attacked or harassed, or some dregs of society having it out in the street."

Anonymous says: and many parts of the UK are descending into st with this underclass of backward sheep filth that are the chavs and this is the future of the country we are fked 5. Hackney

I used to live in shottingham and now I live in Leicester and I wouldn't move out of Leicester for the world. Lovely, green city. And I don't mean green in the sense of making people pay hundreds every year to park their car at work, or installing an ugly tram system, or expecting people to use the bus but not giving change when they don't use the exact amount for the fare. Leicester is lovely, garden looking, modern, beautiful, with great shops and a good council. Leicester collects rubbish every week (recycling and normal waste), whereas Nottingham does it only every fortnight by alternating the recycling with the normal waste. Nottingham does not put streat cleaners out as often as in Leicester. During the four years I've been in Leicester I've seen countless roadworks to renovate the city, countless renovation projects, the parks looks amazing too. Nottingham is the worst place I ever set my foot upon and I would dread to have to live there again. Disclosure: I used to live in London before moving to the midlands.

I Live Here says of its top 10 rundown: "Here we have it, the Top 10 Worst places to live in England for 2014.

Hermes Kelly Constellation

Hermes Kelly Constellation

Hermes Kelly Constellation

Anonymous says: lived in Salford for 21 years and seen it go from crap to even crapper. Anyone stupid enough to use public transport in Salford will most certainly agree that the M10 and 67 buses are scary 8. Nottingham

Scathing comments about Nottingham quoted on the website include: "Well, I been living in Nottingham for four months now and it is easily the least friendly, intolerant city I have ever had the displeasure of inhabiting."

Anonymous says: can you describe Stoke? Well if the actual World needed an enema, Stoke on Trent would be where they shove the pipe 10. Barking Dagenham

´╗┐Leicester's 'rival' Nottingham Hermes Kelly Constellation named as one of top 10 worst places to live in Balenciaga Mini City Black Silver Hardware

of its inhabitants (chavs and pikies) are foul, hateful, and degraded beings who, in evolutionary terms, have not evolved much from the amoeba 7. Salford


Hermes Kelly Constellation

Anonymous says: staying with a friend who lives in Hackney (near Hackney Ctrl Tube Station) is it really the worst place in the UK 6. Gravesend

Hermes Kelly Constellation

"This list is not based on any hard statistical evidence, but the volume of comments on Chavtowns."

Faggy says: have had the misfortune of living in the Bradford area for most of my life and can honestly say anyone disagreeing with this has either never been there, is delusional, or is a smacked up chav 4. Croydon

Anonymous says: has all the charm of a fetid pool of primordial muck. If Chav heaven is in Romford, then Dagenham is the gateway between heaven and hell

It adds that it has applied to the police for information about crime, "so next year's figures should take the volume of anti social of behaviour in the area as well".

Hermes Kelly Constellation

Hermes Kelly Constellation

Top 10 Worst Places to Live in England

Hermes Kelly Constellation

Jaded Agoraphobic says: lived there all my life and I don think I ever been into town, day or night, without seeing someone being attacked or harassed, or some dregs of society having it out in the street 9. Stoke on Trent

Figures show that 2,449 crimes were reported in Nottingham city centre in January to March this year, compared to 2,377 in Leicester in the same period. Leicester has 25,000 more residents than Nottingham.

Hermes Kelly Constellation

Hermes Kelly Constellation

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