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Tracey Long, B Council's group services manager for customer services, said: "The whole idea is to create a new community space where any issues can be resolved.

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There is also a cafe, a display space for local information and exhibitions, and a small children's play area.

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I think it's a very postitive step with any of the problems suggested below probably easily solved. I would however asked why council services often have such odd timings? Could there not be core time it is open every day, perhaps 8:30 5, and then if it needs to open ealier one day or finish later it could do that. Or if that's not possible, do 9 5 with a few days opening 8/8:30. It'd be very annoying if you got there at 8:30 on a Wednesday or 4:30 on a Friday, particularly as you might have rushed in early in the morning, or would have to wait until Monday if it was Friday evening. It just makes things a bit complicated really. Otherwise great news :)

The new facilities include meeting areas for customers to discuss their inquiries in appropriate levels of privacy, along with self service facilities for people to access online information, phone other departments and organisations and make payments.

Mrs Long added: "It is a nice space and is different to the Guildhall which was a more traditional building and was very limited in how you could use the space."

He said: "Face to face contact between local people and public sector services must be as convenient and straightforward as possible.

the second one is an elboration, and thus giving it's full name. A well written article will try to avoid repeating the same phrase in quick succession. Perhaps there isn't quite as big a conspiracy here as you suggest! As with regards to Guess Bags

Mini Hermes Kelly Bag

´╗┐One stop shop opens to deal with council inquiries

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Mini Hermes Kelly Bag

Mini Hermes Kelly Bag

The plans are all part of the council's Workplaces Programme, which has already saved million by closing other offices including Plymouth House and Trimbridge House.

Mr_Nemo The last one is a quote from a visiting Minister, and the first two are termed differently because one is mentioned in a succinct firstone sentance paragrpah, whilst Mini Balenciaga Bag

The centre is open Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 8.30am to 5pm, Wednesday 9.30am to 5pm, Friday 8.30am to 4.30pm, with Shopmobility also open on Saturdays from 9.30am to 4pm.

Mini Hermes Kelly Bag

"There's a nice environment and we wanted to create an environment that felt really comfortable for people wanting to come in here and get some help."

If all council services are now under one roof then does that mean the councilors and council meetings are under that same roof or are they separated of and living it up in the Guildhall? Now that would be wrong! As then there would be even more disconnect between the services and people, and the councilors who decide things!

the most busiest roads!

Mini Hermes Kelly Bag

Mini Hermes Kelly Bag

Mini Hermes Kelly Bag

On Friday pensions minister Steve Webb was given a tour of the facility, meeting council staff and partner organisations.

planning, I don't think that is going to be altered by this change perhaps the hiding is intentional (altough it's probably also because they are busy trying to do work), but either way this isn't the kind of thing that is going to be covered by the council connect services; it's basically to do with local council interventions in people's lives, so things related to council tax, income support, nuisance issues, etc. etc. Bigger issues such as planning, which need to go through the right protocols (presuming we're talking about an individual wanting to get planning permission or prevent it next door), and issues that are long term or affect a wider community will most likely need to go through protocol also, through speaking to your local councillor or the releveant concil official.

"I'm really pleased to see Bath and North East Somerset Council has taken action to achieve this by providing a variety of local services that people find useful all under one roof and in Mini Hermes Kelly Bag a setting which welcomes anyone who comes here."

What a waste of money they had buildings already, so did not need to move! Also Shopmobility used to be in a place that was easy for disabled people to be dropped of at, but now its on one of Bottega Veneta Messenger Intrecciato Leather Shoulder Bag

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